I am an experienced head chef who is flexible, adaptable and able to handle multiple priorities simultaneously, all this makes me believe that i would be a strong candidate for your vacancy. As a driven person who wants to develop, I am now looking to work in an energetic and performance-driven environment where talent is not overlooked. I feel that your forward-looking and exciting company is a natural place for a hard-working team player like me who is forward-looking, fully responsible and resilient. I am known for being able to motivate, mobilizes, and support my colleagues to meet high performance standards. I can easily work with others in a professional way while trying to achieve a common goal. I am a sociable person who has a natural ability to talk to, and build relationships with, all types of people. I also consider myself a personal professional whose strengths include cultural sensitivity and an ability to build rapport with a diverse workforce in multicultural environments. One of my strongest points is my self-motivation, which means that I can perform well under pressure and use all the opportunities that arise to increase revenue through skills sales, brand maintenance and customer care. Being a very analytical thinker I can also quickly identify, review, improve, and streamline processes and procedures. My attached CV will give you more information about my background and what I have to offer.