Reconditioning and interior renovations of yachts and boats in Mallorca

REFIT MALLORCA is one of the leading companies specializing in a wide variety of reconditioning services, interior renovations and painting for yachts and all types of boats. Based in Mallorca and offering personalized services in all the ports of Mallorca These are some of the services we offer:

Painting and interior decoration

Spray paint, brush painting, color combination, glossy finish. Walls, ceiling, windows, doors, floor, …

Wood varnishing and polishing

Stripping, sanding, ink, varnished and polished. Wooden floors, handrails and wooden elements.

Furniture repair and restoration

Repair, restoration and repainting of interior and exterior furniture. Tables, chairs, hammocks, wardrove …

Vinyl wrap and replacement

Refresh your boat interior with vinyl wrap and get a stunning new look or makeover.

Reit and renovation services for yachts and boats in Mallorca

Most of our work can be done on board, which means that you do not have to worry about moving your boat with all the inconveniences that this implies. Our mobile team can go where you need it and get started. Thanks to our innovative isolation cabin system, our team will be able to carry out painting and varnishing jobs without interfering with the rest of the areas of your boat. Allowing you to do other work at the same time or continue with the crew schedule. Contact REFIT MALLORCA