Perhaps you’ve seen a jeweller clean precious stones in an ultrasound bath, or you have a ‘sonic’ toothbrush for getting your teeth super clean, or of course how a baby is seen in the womb using ultrasound?

Ultracrab is an ultrasonic high-frequency emitter. Its high-frequency waves travel across the surfaces of a boat to dislodge and prevent algal blooms and crustacean. It works on the hull surface as well as items such as propellers. Ultracrab is a revolution in the conservation of ships, being simple to install and requiring low-maintenance, effective against biofouling that forms on the ship hull.

The kit includes:

  • 30m cable
  • Emitter
  • Floating boat
  • Electronic control box


  • Install in minutes. No need to change the structure of the boat hull for installation. Ultracrab is fixed by a rope to the deck of the ship while docked (not underway).
  • No expensive installation or wiring is required
  • Reduces maintenance out of the water (lifting, cleaning and repainting the hull). Extends the life of antifouling paint
  • Improves hull performance, speed and manoeuvrability, therefore saves fuel
  • It is environmentally friendly as it does not use chemicals. It is not harmful to humans
  • Prevents crustaceans (barnacles and molluscs) attaching to the hull of the boat
  • The software specifically developed for this purpose adjusts to the needs of each situation
  • It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater

Combine Ultracrab with Keelcrab to cover all the surfaces and corners of your boat.

Price excludes taxes, and delivery (shipping). We supply worldwide (except France, and Monaco).

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