Professional Antifouling for Freighters & Military vessels

Designed & manufactured to military specifications. Customise your system to suit your boat(s). Click on each individual component if you want more details of each.

This bundle comprises of compatible, modular and scalable components for boats which use 22V to 30 volt DC onboard and often a higher temperature environment and is therefore usually ideal for freighters and military vessels.

Select as many transducers are you require, and control boxes if needed too.

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Control Box AF400CD with 4 outputs IP66

1 box controls up to 4 transducers

875.00 only each

In stock

Transducer AF401T PRO IP68

Select as many transducers you need. A signal cable is required for each transducer.

713.00 only each

In stock

Power supply AF400 with lead (IP67) for Control box – optional

Allows for direct connection to AC power.

In stock

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