Cabin Fever Workout

Any sailor knows that no matter what type of boat you have, the conditions at sea play a huge role in your journey. While sailing beneath blues skies and glorious sunshine are a dream, stormy waters are no joke. Understandably then, with rain beating down or your boat rocking from side to side, you’re unlikely to want to be on deck exercising. That might leave many people feeling they have to pass on their daily workout due to being limited by the pace available below deck.

Fear not, however, as the purpose of this workout is helping you to avoid just that. We’re going to talk you through a workout that is not only suitable for tight quarters but can be done on the rockiest of seas.


If you thought you didn’t need much kit last time, we take it one step further for this weeks workout. All you will need this time is your set of resistance bands. That’s because this week we are going to focus on callisthenics, which means training using your own bodyweight as the resistance.

This workout will, again, be a full body, five exercise workout. We are going to be using isometric exercises today. Also known as static strength training, these exercises involve holding a single, stationary contraction throughout the duration of a set, as opposed to multiple moving repetitions.

This is an effective style of training as it keeps the muscles under tension for an extended period of time. It is also perfect for our needs in the current situation we are looking at. Not only does it require no more space than the size of your body, but you will also be much more stable throughout a set than you would be with regular exercises that have you moving about. Perfect for when you’re sailing through rough water.

Like last time there are a few important notes to take on board for this workout:

  • It should take you roughly 30 minutes
  • Rest for 50-60 seconds between sets
  • As the exercises become easier, increase the length of each set and decrease the amount of rest time between them.

Now that we’re suitably prepared for what’s to come, it’s time to get to the workout.

#1. Plank

4 Sets, 40 seconds per set
Muscles Targetted: Abdominals

We begin with the most famous isometric exercise, and one that’s perfectly named for sailing enthusiasts, the plank. This works your entire body, but is specifically targetting your core.

  • With your body at full extension, support yourself on your toes and forearms.
  • Ensure your entire body is straight and parallel with the floor
  • Focus on keeping your abs tense throughout

#2. Push Up Hold

4 sets, 40 seconds per set
Muscles Targetted: Pectorals, Triceps

The second exercise is called a push up hold. It looks very similar to the first exercise, but this one works your chest and triceps.

• Take the same starting position as the plank, only this time support yourself with your hands instead of your forearms.
• Have your hands just wider than shoulder width apart.
• Push yourself up until you are half way between plank position and having fully extended arms.

#3. Wall Sits

4 sets, 40 seconds per set
Muscles Targetted: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteals

The final pure bodyweight exercise is wall sits, which are designed to target the legs.

• Position yourself with your back firmly against a wall.
• Lower yourself until your thighs are parallel with the floor, with your knees bent at 90 degrees.
• Keep your feet flat and back straight throughout the duration of the set.
• Do not use your hands to support yourself

#4. Resistance Band Curls

4 sets, 40 seconds per set
Muscles Targetted: Biceps

The first resistance band exercise today is curls, which are designed to target the biceps.

• Stand in the middle of your band with even length on both sides.
• Curl to the halfway point between a full contraction and where your forearms would be parallel with the ground.
• Slightly twist your wrists outward to fully contract the biceps

#5. Resistance Band Rear Flyes

4 sets, 40 seconds per set
Muscles Targetted: Rear Deltoids, Lats, Traps, Rhomboids

The final exercise of the session is a rear flye, which works the entire back side of the upper body.

• Stand bent over on the resistance band
• Hold the left handle in your right hand and the right handle in your left, so the cable crosses over.
• Keeping arms straight and shoulders back, pull both handles outwards until your arms are a few inches from being parallel with the ground.

Final Thoughts

Alternating between this and our previous workout, there shouldn’t be any situations now that you aren’t prepared for. From high seas to low tides, having to sacrifice your workouts will be a thing of the past.

Let us know in the comments, on social media, or by email how it goes for you. Feel free to share any of your own suggestions for great exercises and workouts to do at sea, in port, or even ashore.

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