Check lists

We want your ad to be highly successful!  Please take a moment to review these points.

 Anything we can help with, just ask!


1. Your contact details are in your profile or bio

2. Photos & video links (YouTube and Vimeo) are on your ad

3. Your location and category are shown on the Mega Map

4. Do you want a WhatsApp chat button on your ad(s)? Just ask us.

Are You Part of a Sustainable, Non-Profit Organisation?

  1. If your business is directly involved in ‘sustainable’ products or services, let us know, we will include it in this category additionally.
  2. If you are a non-profit, charity, or directly sustainable business also let us know to have your ad expiry extended long term.
  3. Subscribe to the member’s group/ news if you wish (especially the one for ‘Advertisers’), click here
  4. We are constantly updating the website technology, design, and performance, our marketing on Google, and social media. If you have any suggestions for improvement please let us know.

Any changes, questions, help needed, or concerns, just contact us.

(You may translate this page using the language flags in the header. We can display 117 languages; let us know if any should be displayed.)

Your ad has been created. You should have received an email confirming the user-account was setup so that you may directly edit the contents too.

Bio/ Profile

Please check/ edit the following:

  1. Your name (or alias)
  2. Website address
  3. Any social media links
  4. Your ‘bio’ description, write as much as you wish about yourself and your business but avoid putting information that is private/ personal of course. You may also repeat contact details here.
  5. Your profile image e.g. a company logo, avitar, or photo.
  6. Your geographic location (e.g. your office). This can be different to the location of the item referenced in the ad. It can be exact or approximate depending on how private you wish to keep the location.


Contact may come through any of these channels:

  1. Direct messages from this site and by email forwarded. (Please test this on your own ad.)
  2. The information you put in your ad, or profile, e.g. telephone, web and social media links.
  3. WhatsApp instant messages (if that option was included in the ad). Ask us if you want this.

All Advertisements

Account Email

  1. Your ad is registered to your email address.


  1. You may get the password by requesting a password reset or ‘forgot password’. Then you can edit the ad yourself too.

Check/ edit the following:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Category
  4. Prices, Sale Prices, Rental etc
  5. Currency (our system permits people to search in multiple currencies. We update the currency exchange rates every 1-2 weeks, so if someone searches in USD but your boat is listed in EUR, it will still be found at the approximate exchange rate.
  6. Expiry date (when the ad will stop. We send an email to notify you on this date too).
  7. Geographic location of the item referenced in the ad. This could be same as your profile location, or different. It can be exact or approximate depending on how private you wish to keep the location. We may need to set this; you should find an icon for the category of your ad on the Mega Map for the location of the ad (which may be the same as your profile location)


  1. You may have unlimited photos. The first one is the one used on the front page / topof the ad, you can select which is displayed first by ticking the box on the image.


  1. You may include unlimited links to Vimeo and YouTube videos.

Special Ribbons & Promotions

Does the ad have or need:

  1. ‘Urgent’ ribbon
  2. ‘Featured’ ribbon
  3. ‘Negotiable’ ribbon
  4. Sales price
  5. Mega Map
  6. To be ‘Top’ of the page

Let us know. See the Pricing page for more details.


  1. There’s no cost, and no committment in 2020. We are launching this service with a splash! In 2021 we hope to be able to start charging, but we also intend there will always be a FREE ad plan so that people can easily join the site.
  2. Our intention is that any cost is a bargain for the results obtained, and we work hard to advertise on the website, social media, and by email.


  1. You are welcome to write the text for your ad in any language. If it is not English, please tell us, unless we see already, and we can tell the system what language it is, then the automatic translation system will also work to translate into any language including English.

Boat Advertisements, only

If your ad is of a boat, then please check/ edit the following:

  1. Length overall (LOA)
  2. Beam
  3. Draft

You will see that for dimensions there is a long list of values “feet inches ~ metres” which makes it easy to select.  (Also makes it easy for enquirers to select.)

  1. Hull material(s)
  2. Drive(s)
  3. Make(s)/ Brand(s)/ Designer(s)
  4. Year first constructed
  5. Condition
  6.  Laying (e.g. where is the boat)
  7. Location

Also note:

  1. Some of this information is used in searches on the website.
  2. There is a page for each of these:
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Features
  3. You may wish to test your ad can be found for the category, and other key information e.g. price in different currencies.


Your dashboard lets you:
  1. Edit ads
  2. Request extra promotions
  3. See a graph of statistics
  4. Manage messages
  5. Manage your profile including password, social media lins, website address etc
  6. See a list of favourite ads
  7. Manage auctions
  8. Manage reviews
  9. See invoices
  10. Logout