Control Box AF204C with 4 outputs IP66

The control box provides power and the signal to the transducer at the frequency, energy, and period required.

Plug ‘n’ go! Nothing to set-up or configure in the control box.

  • LED light shows unit operation status.
  • Use one Control Box for every 4 transducers.
  • The Control box is waterproof and can be installed in the most convenient position in the craft, including the harsh environment of the engine room.
  • Each transducer is connected by a standard RG59A (satalite) cable with connectors). The maximum length of each run should be less than 30 metres. They can be made up on site using RG59A cables or supplied by us ready terminated with connectors in the following standard lengths: 5m & 10m.
  • Inputs for 12V or 24V DC ships supplies and also for the optional 110/230 volt AC power supply to run from a shore supply.
  • The system automatically switches over to the vessel’s battery when disconnected from the optional shore supply. If the battery voltage is low, power is gradually reduced and at a determined point, switched off to protect the battery.
  • A solar supply can be used instead of the shore supply and should be rated at least 80 watt output according to where the vessel is based and number of transducers installed.

Designed & manufactured to military specifications.

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