It’s been my pleasure and surprise to have contact with so many diverse boat businesses in such a short time. I thought this website would be focussed on buying and selling boats, but more than half the ads are for services and products related to boats. In order to help promote such businesses, we are developing a new website within the current website that can offer say discount coupons for these businesses. The coupon is identifiable as coming from us. It’s a way for businesses to attract new customers, and obtain their contact details for any ongoing relationship.

Let me know if this is something of interest. We also have the opportunity to offer a loyalty scheme to such customers whereby points are earnt which can convert into further cash, discounts or gifts. For instance “earn 1,000 points to win a case of sparkling wine …leg of ham …free engine servicing”. Such rewards and loyalty schemes offer customers future benefits and thereby encourage repeat business. It’s also a good way to remind customer’s of your business.

Would such offers help your business? Have you any suggestions on how this could work really well for you?

We expect the coupons site to be opened by the first week of December 2020.