We have many options from free to premium and we are happy to consider any suggestions you have too.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and needs.

A High minimum standard

we help any person or organisation to advertise free for a generous amount of time & get found easily by category & map in any language, weltweit

Unlimited media

Your ad may contain unlimited text (which is automatically translated by our system), unlimited photosgraphs and YouTube & Vimeo video links. Your first ad is free for 120 days with no committment (it simply deactivates (no credit card needed)).


Google indexes all our ads. We also individually review each ad and assign a suitable search term. See our Features page for more great options.

E-Mail Marketing

Automatisch, Jede neue Anzeige wird in unseren wöchentlichen zusammenfassenden E-Mail-Newsletter aufgenommen, der an globale Abonnenten gesendet wird. Ihre Anzeige kann auch in bestimmten Newslettern erscheinen, z. Yachten, Dienstleistungen, Produkte.

Additional Advertising

For more than one advertisement, and longer time, we offer high value, low cost additional plans. For alternative types of advertising, affiliation, and partnership, please read on.

commercial advertising

If you are a business we can blog, create video, post to social media with or without paid promotion, even sell via drop-shipping or issue coupons for your business.

2 Einfache Schritte zu werben !


Geben Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und Ihren Namen ein. Check deine E-Mails, und klicken Sie auf den Link. Du bist in!


Erstellen Sie Ihre Bio, Kontaktdetails, Ort.

Es ist ein einfaches Formular mit vorgefertigten Auswahlen, Laden Sie Ihre Fotos hoch & alle Videolinks.


Your ad normally goes live instantly. We may need to check some ads, and we do that within 24 hours for all new ads.

Sozialen Medien

Für zahlende Werbetreibende, we create a 20-40 seconds video; und poste dies auf Instagram. We design & develop this to promote your ad as video or multi-photo album on Instagram

Bezahlte Promotion

We can create an enhanced video, Albumbeitrag, or single post with optional paid promotion of this at a small mark-up in the promotion costs. Die Erkenntnisse und Analysen zur Werbung werden Ihnen offen zur Überprüfung zur Verfügung gestellt. Text, and media can be of your choice with our standard footer.

Video Production

Short simple videos and animations can be made to supplement your own media and posted to your ad or social media.

Blog Writing

We can create blog articles to append to your ad and likewise you may use these on your own website (with attribution to us).

Even Greater Promotion?

for advertisers with special qualities or aspects

Websites & Web-apps

new or enhanced with extra functions?


Need a new or enhanced website to handle:
* Marketing (standard simple website)
* Der Umsatz (E-Commerce)
* bookings (E-Commerce) ~ either simple requests or live confirmation
...with customer loyalty clubs, coupon/ vouchers, multi-currency, multi-language. Our parent company Jejo Innovation https://jejo.biz can help you. Technical support, upgrades, hosting, security, Design & development, and performance are all included.


Eine Website & an app easy to install & upgrade and a prominent frequent reminder of your organisation on yoru customer's mobile phone. Web-apps are fast & a delight to use.

Lead Referral

We can pass on sales leads by way of a unique coupon issued to the customer which you then provide some reward such as a discount.


Pay us a fixed value or percentage commission of sales. This method is best where there is factual transparency of sales for you and us.

Monthly Fee

Pay a fixed monthly fee for our services. We can build a trusted relationship with you over time and are able to proactively make suggestions where ads & systems could be improved.

Leads, Commission or Monthly Fee

supplier or partner relationships