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5 Fab Recipes For Long Voyages

A trip out to sea shouldn’t be limited based on your food supplies. Besides, part of the fun of a longer passage is making the most of what you have in your food stash! You’d be surprised at how creative you can be purely using store cupboard essentials when you’re running low on fresh food….

5 Recipes For Kayakers That Aren’t Just Sandwiches

Whether you’re after the feel of gentle ripples washing against your kayak or you prefer the more powerful swell and rapids for that adrenaline rush, lunch time is the perfect break to refuel and soak up some sunshine. Unless you’ve kitted out your kayak to include a fridge that’s light enough to not take away…

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5 Fab Recipes For Your Onboard BBQ

Name a better place to BBQ than onboard your boat. When the sunny weather hits and the deck is transformed into the perfect sunbathing spot, a BBQ is a given! When you’ve got the right equipment to BBQ safely, grilling in the sunshine will fast become your new favourite way to cook. Whether it’s lunch…