Gagasan Hadiah kanggo Pelaut (lan Penyayang Watersports liyane)

Sawetara item pilihan sing kasedhiya ing dhaptar Natal taun iki, bisa uga sampeyan bisa uga bisa nambani awakmu utawa wong sing sampeyan tresnani.

Tautan menyang kaca Amazon lokal lan kira-kira rega ing Euro, Dolar, lan Pounds.

Navigation & Control

Garmin Quatix 6

The latest generation of Garmin’s most successful GPS sailing smartwatch. This adds optional Bluechart g3 cartography enabling it to function as a standalone plotter. It also gains a larger 1.3in always-on screen MOB detection feature. As with previous generations, bisa digunakake kanggo antarmuka karo plot grafik Garmin lan data instrumen, as well as controlling autopilots and on-board entertainment. Entheng, kuat, umure dawa banget, lan katon apik ing dharat uga.

Uga kasedhiya ing versi Titanium sing luwih apik.

Udakara € £ $ 5xx-6xx


Standard Horizon HX210E VHF Handheld

Affordable 6W waterproof and buoyant handheld VHF is compact yet feature packed. The lithium battery-powered radio has chunky keys, a bright backlit screen, a water-activated strobe and an integral FM radio.

  • Floating / Submersible IPX7
  • Waterproof rating (3.3 feet or 1 meter for 30 minutes)
  • Supports all USA, International and Canadian channels
  • Selectable 6W / 2.5W / 1W output powerHigh capacity 1850 mAh Li-Ion batteryHigh resolution dot matrix LCD display with backlight

Around €£$1xx

Organic clothing

Zhik Mens Eco Wetsuit Top

  • The latest wetsuit top from Zhik with a focus on ECOLOGICAL performance
  • An advanced environmentally conscious wetsuit which is completely neoprene-free. Same 3D body mapped fit that is used across all their wetsuits. High stretch flatlock stitching. Easy access loo-rip.
  • Zhik’s Eco foam rubber is made 80% natural / sustainable / organic rubber. 88% Polymetric Rubber Sponge; 8% Recycled Polyethylene; 4% Nylon
  • A blend the natural rubber with chlorine-free synthetic rubber to ensure Zhik’s rigorous standards for strength, stretch and durability are met.
  • The fabrics are fast drying and contain 100% re-cycled plastic content

Around €£$2xx

hot or cold

Yeti Drinkware

Coolers you can stand on, throw around a boat and that will keep ice cold for days.

The drinkware range looks just as practical, whether the water bottles for ramblers to keep your coffee hot, or the wine tumbler to keep your wine ice cold.

The Rambler gallon/half gallon jugs make a lot of sense for day sailing racing, either for warming soups hot or keeping your Dark’n’Stormy fresh!

Around €£$1xx

handy on and offshore

Sealey SPB160W Power Pack

Yes, not a USB battery pack, and AC mains supply too! Powered by lithium-ion technology. Easily fits in a glove box or backpack weighing at 1.5kg.

  • Multiple high amperage outputs
  • Fitted with a 31,200mAh battery
  • This unit can also supply multiple full charges to both smartphones and tablets
  • Fully charges in 8 hours on USB Type-C
  • Includes a small integral work light
  • Inputs QC3 0 (1 x Micro USB 1 x TYPE-C both cables included)
  • Outputs 230V 50HZ AC 2 x 12V 10A DC Outputs (120W MAX) Standard USB 5V⎓2A QC3 0 (5V⎓2A 9V⎓2A 12V⎓1 5A) Type-C Output (5V⎓2A)

Around €£$1xx

brainy gifts

The Nautical Puzzle Book

A brilliant gift for anyone who wants to test their shipping knowledge with questions that will leave you all at sea!

Written by Dr Gareth Moore (B.Sc (Hons) M.Phil PhD) who is the internationally bestselling author of a wide range of brain-training and puzzle books for both children and adults, including Anti-stress Puzzles, Ultimate Dot to Dot, Lateral Logic, The Mindfulness Puzzle Book and The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book. His books have sold over a million copies in the UK alone and have been published in 29 different languages.

Available in Kindle & hardback editions.

Around €£$1x

Calendars 2021

Best sailing calendars

RICK TOMLINSON Portfolio Calendar 2021

Beautiful inspiring photographs.

Around €£$2x

Calendars 2021

Best Kayaking calendars

2021 Kayaking Wall Calendar by Bright Day, 12 x 12 Inch

Beautiful inspiring photographs.

Around €£$2x


A Knot a day

This beautifully produced compendium gives you a knot challenge for every day of the year. With hundreds to choose from, all colour coded by use, you can work through the book from start to finish, gradually building on your knowledge as you go, or alternatively dipping in and out for your daily knotting fix.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Around €£$2x

Eye wear

Oakley Split Shot sunglasses

For watersports and winter sports, wearing a good set of UV-protected sunglasses with polarised lenses year-round can help protect against serious eye damage. But it can be painful and expensive if, like me, you are prone to losing glasses over the side, or sitting on them; these come with a detachable lightweight and ultra thin wire leash attachment. Oakley’s Split Shot glasses come with Prizm lenses to enhance contrast.

Around €£$1xx


Timberland Men's Classic 2 Eye Boat Shoes

Premium Full Grain And Nubuck Leathers For Comfort And Long Lasting Wear. Handsewn Upper Stitched To Midsole And Cemented To Outsole For Classic Aesthetics And Durability.

Amazon gives free returns with these.

  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Leather
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-Ups
Around €£$1xx


Ocean Signal Rescue ME MOB1-EPI3100

With automatic activation, the MOB1 communicates with the vessel you have been separated from and other vessels in the vicinity (up to 5 miles range dependent on conditions).

  • 7 year battery life
  • 24+ hours operational life
  • 5 year warranty, Fast accurate positioning.
Around €£$2xx


Garmin inReach

Nice device that allows you to stay in touch with friends and family in an affordable way. Send SMS to any mobile, email address or another inReach device through the Iridium satellite group.

  • You can pair an iOS or Android device with inReach SE+ to unlock extra capabilities
  • Weather forecasts sent directly to your device This is a great feature for those who need to make important decisions on their journey
  • Affordable, Flexible Satellite Airtime Plans To access the Iridium network.

Around €£$4xx


Gul EVO Pro Full Finger Glove

Why bother with a glove if it causes you not to protect your hands or cause you to lose grip.

These gloves from Gul are designed with superior dexterity, grip and durability.

  • Reinforced Kevlar thread palm stitching and G-Grip internal silicone print across palm for a tactile feel and snug fit.

Around €£$4x

Videography/ Photographic

Swellpro Splash-drone 3+

Water and drones don’t normally make good friends until now! Worlds first 100% waterproof drone.

Not just floating, but also has an easy flip function when upside/down in the water. Plus return to home and follow me function.


Naish S25 Wing Surfer 2020

Pump up and go! I mean fly! Large viewing windows, and hand holds. Use this on surfboards or paddle boards.

Made from Quad Tex & Teijin Dacron i.e. no bang to head when it goes wrong. Why didn’t we think of this before?

Love this video too from the Robby Naish himself.  His 13 year old daughter shows how it’s done.   Now say you can’t do it.


Around €£$4xx

Is that enough ideas?! Certainly I could say I’d be happy with all of it. Wait, hang on, was this my gift list? 😉

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