Online Store NOW OPEN

Perhaps you’ve seen a jeweller clean precious stones in an
ultrasound bath, or you have a ‘sonic’ toothbrush for getting your
teeth super clean, or of course how a baby is seen in the womb using
ultrasound?  Similar technology can be used to get a hull clean.

Our online store is opening in the morning, a few days ahead of schedule.  It has two important categories to start with:

  • hull cleaning (without biocides), and
  • sensors to protect your boat when you aren’t around

    Our shop will select and promote boat related products and services, especially sustainable ones.  Thus our hull cleaning products are special, involving no biocides, no drilling holes in your boat, and intended to solve the problem of hull fouling at its source by simply brushing off the algae that starts the whole sequence of bad news for most boat lovers.

    We hope to soon be including three more important categories:

    • Solar/ Wind/ Water Power
    • Electric Motors
    • Low Energy Electronics

    You will probably notice some fantastic discounts on the products, and especially we can ‘bundle’ together items to offer an extra discount too.  Coupons and loyalty scheme are coming too.

    Let us know what you think, and especially get in touch if we can help promote, distribute your products & services.

    Jump into the shop at or click the button below and link in the menu area.