You know the problem, you see a company online and search around for their name, telephone, email address etc then type it into your phone or address book. Takes many minutes, and your risk getting it mistyped. We’ve solved this by capturing such details in a QR code, which can be scanned, or on many smartphones just hold your finger down on the image and the phone recognises the image as a QR code then reads the information defined in the code. Even nicer, many phones then offer to store the information as a new or updated contact. Takes less than 20 seconds.

If you have an ad on our site, just ask us to create your own personal QR code. Take a look at the ad of our friends at THECELIS ENGINEERING for an example or scan the code on this blog post too for another very nice business. It should make it much more convenient for your prospective customers to get and use your contact details.

Some smartphones may require another app to be installed to do this, but on iPhone this is a built-in function ~ just hold down, and up will pop the suggestion to save the contact details.

If the QR code is displayed on a computer or laptop screen, then just use your phone camera to scan the code.