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Established in 2020

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Born in the summer of 2020 with a common wish to radically improve the ease of finding a boat and boat stuff. Boat buying is a rare event in our lives, yet everything else connected with the lifestyle around boats is a weekly activity. With our love of boats and expertise in web technology, программное обеспечение, и маркетинг мы задумали этот сайт.

Not just Sell, but also Wanted, Аукцион, Арендная плата, обмен, Подарок (give for free), Offer and Want Jobs!

Быстро мы увидели, что нужно не просто продавать, но также выделить, хотел’ Предметы, аукцион, обмен (особенно с нетерпением жду услышать, что другие будут обмениваться), а не только вещи и услуги, но рабочие места, and events all could equally well be advertised. We were also open to a’project’ лодка, и те просто не перечислены брокерами (зачем им, в таких пунктах низкая комиссия). With structured categories and fast search, the mass of different but related items could easily be found.

To make it international we included fast automated language translations, multi-currency conversion on prices.

On top of this we applied techniques to ensure the site is available as a convenient ap, быстро загружается глобально, и является безопасным и безопасным для использования всеми.

Хорошо, этот сайт не о нас; это о вас; на самом деле мы вы, we are boat lovers too. We are keen sailors, и ИТ-консультанты, знакомые с решением бизнес-задач с помощью информационных технологий и знакомые с маркетингом.


Free ads for charity organisations (to help them get the support they need).


We have a great team of technical, marketing, and business specialists, love sailing, kayaking and anything that floats but we especially care too about the planet and our effect on it.

There’s a special category to advertise anything ‘sustainable’.

Our website is hosted in a data centre powered 100% by renewable wind energy, ironical really.

In November 2020 we launched our online shop which especially promotes sustainable products & Сервисы. There is a lot of opportunity in our industry to reduce its impact on the natural world. Go check our shop, we have some brilliant items

Our logo

мечта паруса логотип

The logo is a sail, море, волны, ветер, the bow of a boat powering through the water, a dream sail.

But what’s the red dot? See our Вопросы-Ответы.

Our Founder

John Dickerson created Dream Sails. John is a keen sailor, back on land for time off his Bavaria 43 sailing yacht, holds a certificate of competence from RYA/ MCA as a Coastal Skipper as well as enjoying kayaking in his local rivers around Suffolk & Cambridgeshire in England. John still enjoys jumping on a Laser dinghy when possible. The photo is a rare one where he was wearing a shirt, по крайней мере.

John holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Applied Physics, and a Masters degree in Business Administration both from the University of Portsmouthwhich is where he first came into close contact with dinghy sailing. John’s lived in Germany, the UK, Singapore, Малайзия, Thailand. His dream is to sail from the UK to New Zealand, slowly, very slowly.

His Greatest Sailing Lesson

More and more John realises he knows less and less about sailing despite surviving to deliver a small Bavaria racing yacht (с участием 12 bottles of Scotch whiskey) from the UK to Norway in a force 10 (Storm). Only one bottle broke thanks to the boat being knocked flat three times, and some went to a few Oil-Rig-Support-Vessel Crew in exchange for some diesel. The boat was fine. Lessons learnt: all boats are small compared to the vastness of mother nature; hang in there and stay smart.

You can contact John directly by email tooc.sL1611661987iаsмa1611661987эрд@d1611661987j1611661987