Alarms to Save Your Boat
from Sinking, Battery Discharge, Fire

Many boats are left unattended all week in summer, and for months alone in winter. A boat, motor yacht or sailing yacht, has multiple threats from cold & heat including fire, flood, and battery discharge. These sensors are ‘smart’ Internet of Things (IoT) technology – they constantly sense and alert by multiople methods when conditions exceed preset levels. Their connected Android or Apple app displays all the measurements and provides notifications directly in the hands of the owner.

These systems have their own built-in power supply and internet connection. They are very much ‘plug and play’ in around fives minutes for most boats.

Boat sensors for temperature bilge flood and battery status - internet of things technology

Constantly Monitor

  • Bilge water level (including freeze hazard)
  • Temperature e.g. in the engine room, living areas
  • Battery(s) condition

Get Instant Direct Alerts

These devices provide a personal direct alert, not an alarm that would likely go unheard. You may obtain alerts by SMS | Email | Voice call | Android & Apple iOS app notification which displays live up-to-the-minute status.

Install in Minutes

Each sensor contains a long-life battery. Internet connection is ready to activate with the Sigfox network easily and for a whole 1-year of global service. Extra subscriptions have a modest cost.

Sensors for All Sizes of Yacht & Boat

Whether motor is sailing yacht or superyacht, fishing vessel or freighter, these sensors are quick and easy to install in minutes in whatever location is to be monitored.

No power cables required, just place in position, activate the sensor, and it’s working. Each sensor has a long-life battery.

A Whole Family of Sensors

There’s a whole family of these boat sensors; each is independant and easily monitored from the Apple or Android app.


Avoid deep discharge damage!

These 12V or 24V battery sensors constantly monitor the health of a battery. A battery is a chemical system which can easily drain (such as when boat equipment is left on unintentionally) and damage the battery if drained too far, especially lead-acid batteries.


Avoid a sinking! …and freezing!

A bilge alarm provides the earliest indication of unwanted water in the hull since the bilge is the lowest place on most boats. Early warnings enable problems to be dealt with before they grow and cause significant additional damage.


Track & alert low & high temperature, and changes!

A temperature sensor will detect and alert when the temperature becomes either too high (as with an overheating engine), too low (as in the case of failed heating perhaps), or change rapidly.

Smart Technology

‘Smart’ means:

  • permanent internet connected in the service area, wirelessly using mobile networks. These are Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • constant monitoring 24/ 7 with data and graphics for vivid clarity on sensor status, and
  • alerts & notifications direct to your phone, email, and app.
  • self-contained battery power for years of service

With so much ‘smart’ technology, these boat sensors couldn’t be easier to use.

Internet Connectivity

The internet coupled with fantastic mobile connectivity, as well as the emerging satelite communications have enabled sensors to scream data to their owners wherever they may be.

App Alerts & Smart Boat Management

Sensing is worthless unless there some smart, predefined or constant alerting to report to the owner on each of these aspects. This is where these devices come alive. They all send SMS messages, email, and dial one or more telephone numbers to provide a (computerised) voice message, and app alerts.

Each sensor can be registered with an iPhone or Android app freely installed on a boat owner’s smart phone. The app provides a historic, graphical report of the sensor data, and acts as a place to notify the user of any extreme or changing data.

sense4boat 2

A Global Network!

Sailors sail worldwide, so it’s pleasing, trusted feature of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices are also globally connected on the Sigfox data network.

The Sigfox network for smart device connectivity to the internet and mobile data services is already active in 72 countries and regions, and continuing to roll-out globally!

Worldwide Sigfox Network Coverage

sigfox global network map

European Sigfox Network Coverage

sigfox data network in europe

Blue: live coverage.
Purple: country under roll-out
@ February 2021

Current Sigfox network

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