Ultrasonic Antifouling

Clean Hulls, Cost Effective, Sustainable

Smooth Clean Boat Hulls without Biocides, without Annual ‘lifts’

No more spending days every year scraping away barnacles, applying biocide paints that leach their poisons into the water and often don’t work well!

Let’s look at some smarter solutions that actually cost less and solve the problem at the root.

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Early Warnings Mitigate Disasters


Get Rapid Alerts of Flood, Heat/ Cold, Battery Discharge

The biggest threats to our boats are fire, flood, and our own forgetfullness leaving some electrics running which drain the battery.  But who will let you know if you are not onboard?

Worldwide notification by SMS, App iPhone or Android notifcation, Email & voice call.

A low cost sensor could save you from your biggest headache and worst disaster, or at least reduce the problem..

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