Bilge Alarms ~ Battery Sensors ~ Temperature Sensors

Most sailors have a bilge alarm system, but is it smart?  Smart boat sensors such as smart bilge alarms, smart fire alarms/ heat sensors and smart battery sensors are new techology made possible by global mobile internet connectivity such as 3G, 4G.  So called, Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a combination of sensors, software, and networks that makes it possible to monitor and control equipment remotely.  These are perfect for boat owners when they leave their vessels as well as when in use.

Boat Owners are special; we know that right?

Our boats are also our homes, and very expensive to replace emotionally and financially.  As sailors, we care very much about keeping our systems working, avoiding water inside the hull, and a fire would be one of the worst problems.

A sailor is no stranger to sensors for navigation and safety, but once the boat is moored systems are often switched-off, and hopeful thinking is switched-on.  Thank goodness for these new devices which provide much needed assurance to protect these expensive assets.

Bilge Sensors

A bilge alarm provides the earliest indication of unwanted water in the hull since the bilge is the lowest place on most boats.  Early warnings enable problems to be dealt with before they grow and cause significant additional damage.

Temperature Sensors

A temperature sensor will detect and alert when the temperature becomes too high (as with an overheating engine) or too low (as in the case of failed heating perhaps), and also when the temperature changes rapidly.  It therefore has good range of effect and purpose.

Battery Sensors

Battery sensors provide constant monitoring of the health of a battery.  A battery is a chemical system which can easily drain (such as when boat equipment is left on unintentionally) and damage the battery if drained too far.

Active Alerting & Management = Smart

‘Smart’ means:

  • permanent internet connected in the service area, wirelessly using mobile networks
  • constant monitoring 24/ 7 with data and graphics for vivid clarity on sensor status, and
  • alerts & notifications direct to your phone, email, and app.
  • self-contained battery power for years of service

With so much ‘smart’ technology, these couldn’t be easier to use.

The sensors are designed to monitor a specific critical aspect of the environment, whether, temperature, bilge water, or battery condition depending on which sensor is employed.

Internet Connectivity

The internet coupled with fantastic mobile connectivity, as well as the emerging satelite communications have enabled sensors to scream data to their owners wherever they may be.

App Alerts & Management

Sensing is worthless unless there some smart, predefined or constant alerting to report to the owner on each of these aspects.  This is where these devices come alive. They all send SMS messages, email, and dial one or more telephone numbers to provide a (computerised) voice message, and app alerts.

Each sensor can be registered with an iPhone or Android app freely installed on a boat owner’s smart phone.  The app provides a historic, graphical report of the sensor data, and acts as a place to notify the user of any extreme or changing data.

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3 x Smart Sensors (Battery, Bilge, Heat)

From: $1,710.98 only (incl. VAT)

Get the set of SENSE4BOAT sensors with an EXTRA SPECIAL DISCOUNT for a limited time; one or more of each sensor, whatever suits your set-up:

  • Smart Bilge Sensor
  • Smart Battery Sensor
  • Smart Heat Sensor

They are ‘smart’ because:

  • they are internet connected, internet-of-things (IoT)
  • they each report to an iPhone or Android mobile app so you can see their status anytime.
  • they notify the owner by four methods: SMS, app noitification, email and computer voice call (not just an alarm that might not be heard or acted upon.)

Each sensor comes with the first year Sigfox subscription included so it’s a very easy installation in minutes.  See the HIGHLIGHTS section here for the simple steps to activate each sensor.

In order for the sensors to work, they need to be in the area covered by the Sigfox Network, the world’s largest IoT network. No SIM cards are required and only a moderate annual subscription.  Additional subscription is available from our shop here or Sigfox.

Delivery in 7 – 10 days only.

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Smart Battery Sensor with alerts

$330.00 only (incl. VAT)

This sensor periodically monitors up to 2 battery banks(unlimited number of batteries in the bank). and warns you about any relevant information or action required to properly maintain your batteries. The sensor will inform you when to recharge your batteries to avoid damage due to sulfation and deep discharge. Additionally, the sensor will inform you when the charging started or finished.

Delivery is in just 7-10 days.

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Smart Smoke Sensor with alerts

$174.00 only (incl. VAT)

The battery-powered photoelectric smoke sensor is designed to protect you and your boat from the dangers of smoke and fire. The alerts are forwarded to your smartphone, email and phone call.

There’s a range of these sensors for bilge, smoke, and battery, and a ‘bundle’ which comes with an extra discount.

Delivery is in just 7-10 days.

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Smart Bilge Sensor with alerts

$174.00 only (incl. VAT)

The Smart Bilge Sensor detects water intrusion in the bilge and alerts you directly.  If the sensor detects water, you will receive a voice call, email, SMS and push notification. Depending on your choice, the alert can be forwarded to your marina as well.

There’s a range of these sensors for bilge, smoke, and battery, and a ‘bundle’ which comes with an extra discount.

Delivery is in just 7-10 days.

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