Често постављана питања

A few questions, and answers, that we are asked.


What types of advertisement (адверт, оглас) are there?

Наше тржиште вам нуди 6+2 различите врсте огласа које можете одабрати током објављивања огласа или поновног постављања. Пребацивање између различитих врста огласа није могуће док су активни, али можете да промените садржај огласа.

Доступне врсте су:

  1. Продаја
  2. Аукција
  3. Купи ('Желео')
  4. Кирија
  5. Размена / Свап
  6. Поклон / БЕСПЛАТНО
  7. Job – wanted
  8. Job – offered

Ова веб локација није укључена у било какве финансијске трансакције између било које стране која продаје, куповина, или размену.

Молимо вас да водите рачуна о заштити својих физичких особа, података и финансијске сигурности. We recommend meeting in public and never alone, in daylight hours. Only share the information necessary. Seek legal review in high value transactions.

Корисничке критике, верификација телефона, и системи извештавања су неки кораци које морамо предузети како бисмо покушали да одржимо сигурно искуство путем наше веб странице. Do not hesitate to report any concerns to us.

How do I create an Ad?

Click on Пошаљите оглас from the header. If you are not logged in, a form will pop-up to ask you to login. If you have no account then please register first.

For some reason I can't submit my ad. Can I send you the details?

Sure, use this form, click the button below.

Can I increase the visibility of my ad?

Много је начина да се истакне оглас као додатни додатак. Они се могу применити за различите бројеве дана. Цијене за сваки приказују се приликом одабира ове опције из сваког огласа. Ови укључују:

Бумп Ад да бисте ресетовали датум креирања и на тај начин поставили већи када се претраге врше по датуму. То се може учинити само једном по огласу.

Highlight Ad to add a coloured shadow around the ad on searches.

Топ оглас да се оглас постави на врх претраге, поред осталих горњих огласа. Ограничавамо број огласа који могу да користе ову опцију.

Хитно оглас да постави 'хитно’ банер и критеријуми за претрагу на огласу.

Map promotion to place the ad on the large search maps.

The language translation feature changed a word I want to fix

The language translation system keenly attempts to translate every word it find. You may stop this by placing the following text

<код> before the word, and then after the word place </код>

Или, ask us to. We are happy to help.

For example:

<код>Infinite Yachts</код>

Now these words will always appear as written and not be translated.

This is useful for trademarks, and brand names that comprise regular words.

Top Benefits

Why do you offer a FREE plan?

A couple of reasons. We always want general business to be successful, especially small businesses. We also offer this to ensure there is high value and interest in the site for individuals to both search & offer all forms of boat, услуге, опрема, послови, and property. Our free plan for one-ad has exactly the same features as plans with a greater number of ads allowed. The next level plan is fantastic value too!

We also offer long term special plans for sustainable businesses, not-for-profit & marine welfare organisations.

What are the top benefits to using this website?

Well, is best shown in colourful text and graphics. Click the button below.

What's great about this site for boat brokers/ dealers?

People search for a new boat only occasionally. We know brokers are busy. Our aim in creating this site was to make it accessible to a wider audience nationally, and internationally, and for every-day needs of boaters and sailors. This means far more people able to see your ads. There are packages for higher volume ads which are highly cost effective, and we’ll help you upload your ads too if you ask us.

No matter how good your local website is, enquirers further outside the region are less and less likely to find your site. The map search and promotion on this site mean people can see exactly where a ad is based.

The website uses leading edge, fast web technology which allows the site to be viewed on desktop, mobile, and also installed as a fast loading web-app (without the ‘ap storehassles of installing and upgrading). Importantly the website can be saved as an icon on Apple Safari, Android Chrome, Google Chrome desktops and more. We know how to help Google find us. We spend a huge amount of time and effort on ensuring the website is a pleasant, secure, and fast experience so that we develop loyal users (advertisers and enquirers) so that you can spend time on your business.

Погледајте Features page За више детаља.

Accessible, брзо, модеран, every-day needs as well as dream sails! It’s a far more useful site, with a lot more content, yet fast to access. We’d love to know how you find it; please let us know any feedback.

What's great about this site for individual/ private advertisers?

Тако, the best thing must be the free plan which has the same service of unlimited photos and video with a reasonable time allowance. Our wish is that advertisers quickly achieve what they want from their advertisement. Use this for anything – a boat, gear, услуге, wanted or to sell. The second best thing is that the site is intended to be easy and fast to use with a clear styling. Integrated chat, favourites, comparison and more help the process of connecting advertiser with enquirer.

Погледајте Features page За више детаља.

It’s easy, брзо, и free for one ad!

What's great about this site for clubs & associations?

If you are a charity or non-profit organisation, we’ll provide free ads for your organisation for life. Your members all get the free plan also for when they want to advertise any items to the wider world as well as in the club/ association.

Коришћење странице

Који су омиљени огласи? Како се сјећам / спремим оглас који ми се свиђа?

Ако сте нашли оглас који желите да запамтите, тј. ужи избор, посетите касније или се обратите оглашавачу, итд., можете га означити / обележити као фаворит, и сачувај је. A list of your favourite ads is seen on your profile dashboard which is accessible when you are logged in.

Могу ли да упоредим огласе (side by side, alongside each other)?

Ако желите да видите два или више огласа на екрану један поред другог, изаберите икону за упоређивање за сваки појединачни оглас, а затим изаберите икону за упоређивање у заглављу прегледача на радној површини, и подножје мобилних прегледача како би се приказао екран који приказује сваки оглас један поред другог.

This works best for ads of a similar category & тип.

How do I get on the map? Који се огласи приказују на великој мапи приказаној приликом претраживања?

Карта на претрагама приказује само огласе који су тражили да се приказују на овој мапи. Сваки појединачни оглас садржи мапу која приказује локацију огласа или предмета.

Како да пријавим оглас?

Карта на претрагама приказује само огласе који су тражили да се приказују на овој мапи. Сваки појединачни оглас садржи мапу која приказује локацију огласа или предмета.

Како раде аукције?

Да бисте учествовали на било којој аукцији, прво морате да региструјете налог. Једном када имате рачун, посетите било коју аукцију и на бочној траци приметићете оквир за лицитирање.

Испод уноса за вредност понуде видећете шта је минимална вредност коју морате да поставите. Након завршетка аукције и ако сте је победили, добит ћете потврдни маил.

Листа свих аукција у којима сте или сте учествовали приказана је на вашем профилу под Аукције.

The bidding history shows the bidding values values but it will not reveal the persons who bid. When a user places a bid, that auction is recorded to the list of their auctions and he/she can access it from their dashboard. To protect the buyers when a seller deletes an auction it will be removed from their dashboard. Once the auction has ended a seller is informed about the buyer who bid the highest value and at the same time that buyer is informed they won the auction. The seller has 24 hours to contact the buyer. The seller sees the information about all the bids and links to the buyer’s profile as well as the usual contact options in case a wining buyer declines to purchase the goods a seller can contact other buyers.

How do I reset the search criteria/ filters?

  • На десктоп претраживачима: кликните икону за понављање поред наслова Филтер.
  • На прегледачима за мобилне уређаје: кликните на икону за понављање поред наслова филтра у преклопном прозору филтера.

When I search, no ads appear. What's happening?

There are no results for the selection criteria you have chosen. Not all advertisers supply data for all fields. Be sure to do a broad search in addition to your specifics. We recommend starting with broad filter criteria then narrow this down. The search function instantly reloads to display according to the latest filter settings.

Start over click the reset icon just next to the heading of the search criteria. Begin with a broad search the narrow it down.

At the end, maybe there are no ads which match that search afterall. Register for membership, and subscribe to alerts, and come back to the site again soon to see and hear about more items.

Како функционише систем прегледа?

Постоје две врсте критика - оглашивач и клијент.

Први корак је регистрација.

Next, you need to send a message to an advertiser. Once the advertiser responds to your message, you will be able to review the advertiser, and at the same time, the advertiser will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile, they will be able to see your overall review score, Комплетна листа ваших рецензија и филтрирање према типу.

Once you post a review, you can not change it. Такође, you and an advertiser have the option to respond to review.

Our recommendation is to have empathy for other parties and to emphasise the positive aspects of any contact between users without using the review system to complain.

Please ensure you review our Terms & Conditions which you confirmed to follow when registering to use the website. Serious complaints may be made to us using the Report Ad feature or contacting Customer Services.


Who Is Dream Sails?

Great question! We love sailing, kayaking, and anyting on the water but we are also expert in information technology, digital marketing, and business development. We are a British company, with colleagues based in the UK, Malaysia, and Europe.

We made a page with more details; click the button below for more information; and chat to us on WhatsApp if you would like a chat.

What's the red dot in the logo?

Our parent company is Jejo Innovation Ltd, keen sailors who also dabble a bit in web, е-трговина, and information technology. Though Jejo is a British company founded in 2002 focussed on IT consultancy to large corporates. Jejo also has admiration for the precision of Japanese process, and the ed dot is an echo of the Japanese flag. The red dot therefore is respect for doing things well, with conviction, and honour. Read more about Jejo here https://jejo.biz/

Our logo is a sail, probably a genoa, the sea, the waves, the wind, the bow of a boat, a dream of blue. The word sails also mimics the English word ‘sales’; but our site is not just about selling and buying; it’s also about offering, auctioning, giving for free, and exchanging (especially looking forward to hearing what others will exchange), oh and last but not least jobs wanted and offered – crew, captains, chefs, и још.

Желим да питам нешто друго.

Само нас контактирајте. We are here to help you.