whatsapp icon on dreamsailsNow advertisers may ask us to include their WhatsApp number in the button shown on their ad. This button normally connects to us, but for any ad we can change it so that the chat happens with the advertiser. The button makes it super easy to launch the WhatsApp app on the senders phone, no need to create a contact and start a message; super convient and advertisers then have direct private connection with the enquirer.

Currently we need to set this up for advertisers; it takes 1 minute. We may look to make this so that advertisers can do this in their profile. We did this for one of our advertisers and when we went to explain what we had done, they said they’d already received two enquiries! You find this button on most pages of our website, try it now to chat with us if you wish.

We default the message to start “Hello, I am on the Dream Sails website, please may I ask you…” but the sender can change that. Most people keep this and suffix with an extra piece of information.

We hope it helps to bring advertisers and enquirers together!

If you have other ideas and suggestions how we can help you, please add to the comments, WhatsApp us of course, or contact us any other way of your choice.